Currently Teaching

  • COM 620: Intercultural Communication

  • COM 275: Intercultural Communication

  • Speech

  • Critical Digital & Social Media

  • ​Health Communication

Previously Taught ​

  • WVS 101: World View 1

  • WVS 201: World View 2

  • COM 354: Language & Social Identity

  • Communication Careers

  • Managing Digital Identities​​

Guests who have interacted with my Students​

  • Stephen Voltz & Fritz Grobe. Eepybird Studios (Spring 2021)​​

  • Henry Jay Przybylo MD/MFA. Associate Professor of Anesthesiology at Northwestern University School of Medicine (Fall 2019; 2020; 2021; 2022; Ongoing)​​​Tiffany

  • Hsiung - Director of award winning documentary, "The Apology." Website:

  • Mr. John Knefel - Independent Journalist & Social Justice Advocate (Radio Dispatch). New York.

  • Dr. Precious Yamaguchi - Assistant Professor of Convergent Media. Southern Oregon Unversity (SOU) & Students of SOU. Via Ashland, Oregon.

  • Anne Fox - Co-Host of Absolutely Intercultural (Award Winning Podcast). Trainer & Coach, adult vocational education and E-learning. Via Denmark.

  • Dr. Anca Birzescu - PhD Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio. Via Bowling Green, Ohio.

  • Mr. Andrea Vascellari - Digital Planner (Award Winning Communications Professional) @EdelmanDigital, Host of FIR on Strategy ( Via Spain & New York.

  • Mr. Dan Schawbel - New York Times and Wallstreet Journal Best Selling Author. Author of Promote Yourself, Millenial Career & Workplace Expert. New York.( Via New York.

  • Mr. André Lessears - Training & Workforce Development Coordinator. City of Dubuque, Dubuque, Iowa.

  • Dr. Ripley Smith - Professor of Communication Studies. Bethel University, St. Paul, MN. Students of Cedar Crest College. Allentown, PA. Courtesy of

  • Dr. Precious Yamaguchi. Students of Southern Oregon University. Ashland, Oregon. Courtesy of Dr. Precious Yamaguchi.

  • Ms. Kelsey Wong. Program Coordinator @ Hootsuite for the Higher Education program, Canada.​Kimberly Yu (Jang). Program Manager, Higher Education​. Hootsuite. Canada.

  • Prof. Sara Safari (author, speaker, mountain climber, college professor and advocate for women empowerment)